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The Brief:  Fabricate and install a solid, flat, brass handrail with concealed fixed to an existing spiral staircase.


Materials Used: Solid brass


Fabrication: The fabrication process included some of the following steps:

  • On-site, we measured the existing staircase and used a stud finder for stud locations behind plaster. 

  • We calculated the length of the total materials for the development of the elliptical rail. 

  • We built a mock staircase assembly on the workshop floor, with verticals members to represent studs on site. 

  • We created roll brass sections in 3 plains, to create required radius, required twist of the bar and required incline.


Installation: The installation process included some of the following steps:

  • Stud location was marked on the walls at chosen connection points. 

  • A 16mm hole was drilled through the plaster into the timber stud, and our wall brackets were screwed into the studs. 

  • All brass rolled sections were tig welded to the brackets and each other on-site.

  • Final polish with scotch bright was applied to all sections.

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